Friday, August 12, 2011

Thumper has no more ear mites!

I have posted to you guys about our rabbits already. Thumper (male) and Nibbles (female) came to us in poor shape. This was not at fault to the owners, they were just sick. Thumper had ear mites and neither rabbit would eat or drink much. after some TLC and lots of organic veggies from our garden, they are both eating, drinking and pooping just enough.

Thumpers ear mites were really bad. Sorry that I dont have a picture of that, but I have one of his ears today. THE EAR MITES ARE NOW GONE. What did we do?

We did NOT use actual medication. We used coconut oil in an old dropper bottle. We placed it in his ear, which he did NOT like at all. Then we massaged it around all over his ear. After a couple of weeks, the mites were all gone. Yay!

Photo: Ear Mites Gone (taken by cell phone)

Photo: Ear Mites Gone 2 (taken by cell phone)

Later Urbanites!

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