Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our First Blog -- Hello and a Natural Smoothie

Hello All,

This is our first blog. We are just a typical family who is going through the life changing process of becoming Urbanite Farmers and natural dieters. We are doing what we can to slowly get away from processed sugars and foods and start eating healthy. We are also learning how to become more independent on our land. Prices are going up and up and up. I don't see them dropping anytime soon. Please follow us on our journey while we tell you the farming, recipes and troubles that we have. We are not know-it-all bloggers. We are a real family and are learning as we go. It is a fun journey, so join us. Time for the blog now...

We have been making smoothies in our house. Everyone loves a good smoothie. I really like them, but have run into a huge problem... DANG, they are expensive! If you go to McDonalds to get one of their super-processed "real fruit" mixed berry smoothies, you will be loading yourself down with some fruit and a bunch of sugar. You will be spending about 3 dollars to do that as well. That is the cheapest place to buy smoothies! If you bought a smoothie at that price, you would spend over a thousand bucks a year!

We have come up with one that tastes like (but better) than the McD's smoothie. It costs less and is probably better for you. We like to use organic ingredients, but not required.

Recipe for the Mixed Berry Smoothie:
Cup of BlueBerries
Cup of Pineapple (cubed)
Cup of Strawberries
Half cup of Spinach (What?!?!?!)
and plain yogurt

Blend together all of the ingredients. If the ingredients were frozen beforehand, you will need nothing else. You will get a great thickness. If they were not frozen, then you may need to add ice to your smoothie and blend to thickness.

It really is that simple. Play with different fruits and achieve different flavors. We have a bleckberry bush that we will be using for these later.