Friday, August 12, 2011

On the Urban Farm

Photo: Two Eggs in morning (taken by cell phone)

Ok, urbanites, for about a week or two now, we have had two of our chickens laying just shy of an egg a day. They are YUMMY! The children keep asking us for egg sandwiches, so we actually are not producing enough eggs yet. One of the eggs (off-white one) is from our dark colored Araucana and the brown one is from our buff, we think. So it seems that 2-3 hens would be a good amount to have for a family of four. Not to mention that the two that are producing are actually 3 weeks ahead of schedule! I have a feeling that production will increase.

The buff that we thought was a rooster in a previous post doesn't seem to be a rooster anymore. Alot of the other hens are starting to get combs and waddles just like her. I know people with roosters quite younger than our buff is and they are already crowing. Our buff is not.

We went for several days not thinking that the hens were producing. It turns out, when I opened the coop for cleaning that they had started laying their eggs in the far corner AWAY from the nesting boxes. We have began to place plastic eggs into the nesting boxes and our chickens keep kicking them out, lol.

This morning, I did have the araucana lay in the box and the buff lay in the corner. As I found on the BackYard Chickens Forum, I will start locking them up at night in the coop and let them out a little later. There doesn't seem to be much else I can do except ensure that the children stop lifting the lid to the nest boxes.

Only time will tell. Good news, we are now at a point that we are not buying eggs from store or other farmers anymore. Better news, we are going to be at a point of making money! It will be a while for that though.

Later Urbanites!

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