Saturday, July 23, 2011

Self Sufficient Chickens!

We haven't actually produced eggs yet, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about the cost of producing them.We had the front costs of the $200 chicken coop, then the fencing, then all the time invested in it. Then the ckickens at $2.00 a pop, and all the equipment used to grow them.

We have the reoccuring costs now of all that feed. We give our chickens grass with tons of bugs, which is free, but we also give them natural feed and it is expensive, well relatively ($10 a bag of 40-50lbs). Each bag lasts about 1-1.5 months with all our chickens and ducks.

Well, I went to the farmers market this last Saturday and was talking to someone that we buy our organic produce from. We have come to an agreement that he will buy all of our leftover eggs for about 1.50 to 1.75 a dozen.

Our chickens will produce about 7 eggs a day max, so we will say 60 a week. We will probably eat 12 a week, maybe more when they are free. this will leave 48 eggs through the week to rid of. We will sell our organic, free-range eggs for $3.00/dz to strangers, then $2.25/dz for our friends, neighbors and extended family. Whatever is left we will sell to him for the price I mentioned.

If I never sold an egg except to him, I would get around $72-84 a week from our eggs. The best part is that we dont have to sit at a farmers market just to sell our eggs off. So if we make $72 in one week, that will cover my eggs and feed for many months. The chickens become self-sufficient!

Thats awesome, but even better... the money will go into expansion of our Urbanite Farm as in rabbits, more veggies, etc. I haven't even added what I could get from our duck eggs when we decide to start selling those eggs (more per dozen). It is about time we come up with a scenario for more than self sufficiency.

We have a very small set-up right now, so if we can start making money on our excess, so can you. Later Urbanites!

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